CoolerMaster CM Storm SF-15 – Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Review

If you are looking for a cooling pad that will solve your overheating issues in an easy, efficient and safe way, this cooling pad is the ideal product for you. It will be able to deal with any heat-related issues that your laptop may be suffering from and allow you to use your laptop with ease and maintain its condition so that its performance remains optimal. This cooling pad has a variety of useful features and has been made in a way that will ensure your satisfaction.

It is important to get a cooling pad of the right size according to your laptop. This cooling pad works with laptops that have screens up to 15.6 inches. You can easily place the laptops onto this cooling pad and it will remain there securely. There is no risk of the laptop falling off the pad as it is fairly stable.

This product has been designed so that it can even handle gaming laptops, which generally have an incredibly high thermal output. The cooling pad has visually appealing red LEDs that give it an alluring look. It comes with a convenient rubber handle that makes it easy for you to carry the cooling pad along with your laptop. There are four USB ports along the side of the cooling pad which means that you can plug in additional devices such as keyboards and speakers, to enhance your gaming experience. You can easily adjust the height of the laptop with this cooling pad as it comes with pegs that allow you to set the laptop at the most suitable height for you. The design of this laptop cooling pad is what makes it so attractive.

Another interesting thing to note is CM Storm SF-15 cooling mat comes in 3 designs i.e. Gaming, Lapdesk & Standard. You can select whichever suits you best.

This cooling pad has been made from materials that are lightweight and durable so that you do not have to worry about any potential damage. They are highly-resistant to heat and will be able to combat any thermal output.

Fan Speed
The 160 mm fan delivers a powerful speed of up to 1,200 RPM and can be lowered to 700 RPM, depending on your laptops specific requirements.

Air Flow & Pressure
This cooling pad has an extremely powerful airflow and pressure. This makes sure that it is able to deal with any sort of overheating issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This cooling pad costs around fifty dollars. This is an inexpensive rate for a cooling pad of such high-quality. It is worth it to spend this small amount over a cooling pad that will help you to overcome any overheating issues that your laptop may be having instead of having to pay a large amount to get it repaired.


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