Elsy Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The Elsy cooling pad comes with a variety of features that benefit the user. It prevents the laptop from heating up with its cooling fans; it serves as a stand and comes with its own USB ports and hubs.

The fans on the cooling pad produce close to no sound with as little a noise level as 15 dBA. The cooling pad fits with almost any model of laptop, notebooks, PlayStations or netbooks. It fits these with no deficiency in the cooling fans performance. There are adjustable feet which allow you to place the cooling pad at any height or angle to provide you with maximum ease of use. The Anti-Slip Mesh gives grip to the laptop surface to prevent it from sliding around and allows the fans to work properly regardless.

Cooling Pad Specifications Overview:

[wpsm_column size=”one-fifth”]
2 (80 mm fans)
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Max Fan Speed:
2500 RPM
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Fan Noise Level :
15 dBA
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Fan Airflow:
Not Available
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Fit for:
Upto 17 inches laptops

While the cooling pad is lightweight, it is of sturdy built and is not fragile in any way whatsoever. The light built of the cooling pad makes it easily portable and can be carried around with ease. The USB ports can be used to plug in your mouse, making it more convenient for you. Heavy applications such as games can be run on this without the concern of the laptop overheating. The product is highly durable and can work for long periods of time without any sort of problem.

The clips make it easy for you to accommodate space for different sized devices. The LED lights on the fans give them an appealing look and can be switched off using the button next to the USB ports. This cooling pad is built sturdily so that it is even able to handle heavy devices such as the ps4 which weighs around six pounds.

Overall this is a great product that is highly affordable. It serves its purpose efficiently and does not create any problems or hurdles for the user while giving a standout performance.

Elsy Laptop Cooling Mat Price

Elsy Cooling mat has a very competitive retail price i.e. $16. The cooling mat usually remains in stock and there is not much price fluctuations. A great thing about ELSY mat is, for just $1 you can get a 2 year product protection which enables you claim warranty for any product breakdowns and malfunctions for 2 years with free shipping on all repairs.

ELSY Laptop Cooler FAQS:

Can you turn off the blue LED?
Indeed you can. There is a small on/off switch to turn off the LED’s located near the USB port. Also the LED lights only works when your laptop is on and running. If your laptop is off, the lights will automatically switched off.

What are the exact Dimensions of this cooling pad?
Elsy laptop mat can fit up to 17.8 inches laptop, however its idea for up to 17 inches laptop. The mat is 14.5 inches in length, 10.4 inches wide and 1.5 inches height/depth. The highest height setting sits at 7 inches.

Does it has its own power source that needs AC adaptor?
No. The laptop cooling pad uses your laptop USB port to draw power. Due to very energy efficient function, it doesn’t need lots of battery power. Just plug the cable in any USB port and the cooler will start working. Also it has 2 USB ports which means you can still re-use the ports for other devices.

Can you adjust the fan speed?
Unfortunately you cannot adjust the fan speed on this laptop pad.


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