HAVIT HV-F2068 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Laptops are devices that need extra care and protection as they are considerably vulnerable to damage and are costly, which is why if you fail to care for them accordingly, you will suffer the consequences. One of the biggest causes of damage to laptops is overheating. Laptops generate a significant amount of heat in a short time, which means that unless the user figures out some way to deal with this, their laptop will get irreversibly damaged. There are many types of cooling pads available nowadays that can help you to keep your laptop safe from overheating and in prime condition. One of the best and most reliable cooling pads is the HAVIT HV-F2068. HAVIT is known for its quality when it comes to cooling pads and this cooling pad is definitely one of their most sought-after products.

Visually, this laptop cooling pad is visually appealing. It also has a solid and sturdy feel which means that the cooling pad is durable and is not vulnerable to any sort of physical damage. It has an ergonomic design means that you will not experience any sort of discomfort while using this laptop and that you can adjust it according to your preferences. The modern look gives it a stylish feel.

This cooling pad has been made so that it fits most standard laptops. It is sized at around 403 x 300 x 34MM in length, width and height. It is slim which increases its portability.

The product is compatible with laptops that are fourteen to seventeen inches in size. This includes gaming laptops. This means that you can also use the cooling pad as a safe and secure place to keep your laptop while you work.

Ease of Use
The HAVIT HV-F2068 cooling pad comes with five rotary fans. One of these is big and is around 110mm in size and the rest of the four fans are around 85mm in size. These fans have attractive LED lights which efficiently work to counteract the heat with powerful airflow. The lights are also a way to keep track of the speed of the fans, as their brightness will increase as the speed of the fan increases. You can adjust the height of the cooling pad so that you can place it in a position that is most convenient for you when you use it. This cooling pad comes with two extra USB ports which gives you greater connectivity. You can easily plug in additional peripherals without having to make any compromises. The cooling pad comes with a meshed surface made from metal so that you can put your laptop on a place that is secure and prevent it from slipping off. This product gives the assurance of a month-long money return guarantee as well as a yearlong warranty from the manufacturer. You will also receive technical support for a lifetime.

Most electronic accessories are quite expensive which makes most potential buyers reluctant to invest in them. However, this cooling pad only costs around thirty dollars which means that you will be able to enjoy the features of a high quality cooling pad at a reasonable price.

8.5 Total Score
HAVIT HV-F2068 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad Rating

Havit 5 Fans laptop cooling pad is the ultimate cooling mat for any type of laptop. The five ultra quite fans are tragically placed in the mat so that they can draw any amount of heat from the laptop quickly.

  • 5 Fans (1 x big fan: 110mm, 4 x small fans: 85mm)
  • Adjustable fan speed (Upto 500 RPM )
  • Red LED light
  • Ergonomic Comfort & Adjustable height
  • High-quality metal mesh
  • Extra USB Ports
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty & Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Only for 14"-17" Laptop
  • No On/Off Switch for LED lights
User Rating: 3.04 (26 votes)
HAVIT HV-F2068 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Mat Review

To sum it up, this cooling pad will cater to your every need and satisfy the user. The variety of features and convenience of use make this product a must-have. It is also the best solution to any overheating issues that may be causing you trouble. Do not hesitate to buy this product.