iMounTEK Portable Laptop Table with Internal Cooling Pad Review

Every laptop user is familiar with the issue of overheating that poses a great threat to your laptop, no matter what kind of laptop you are using and what model it is. Overheating can harm your laptop to the extent that the damage becomes irreversible. You will be suffering a great loss as laptops are quite costly and even getting them repaired can be really pricey. The best way to prevent this from happening and to keep your laptop in optimal running condition is to invest in a laptop cooler. The iMounTEK Multi-Functional portable laptop table is one of the most popular and effective products for countering overheating and providing a safe space for you to use your laptop.

Laptop Table Design

This is a multi-functional laptop table that comes along with a pair of trays and two sets of folding legs. It is the ideal combination of a cooling fan, a mouse pad, a USB hub with four ports for maximized connectivity, 3 LED desk lamps and a folding table. The cooling pad has several holes in it that improve the efficiency of the distribution of heat so that your device stays cool no matter how long you use it for. The pair of loose-leaf baffles gives you stability so that you can adjust yourself in lots of different positions while keeping the laptop steady. The mouse pad has a wide space so that you have sufficient space for navigating in whichever way you please. The modifiable triple LED lamp give you targeted lighting so that you can work at any time. There is also a built-in space which you can use to store your pens or other accessories.


The cooling pad is more than twenty inches across which means that it is compatible with most modern laptops of varying sizes including MAC.

Ease of Use

The laptop works in two ways. You can operate it with a USB connection as there is a USB cable that comes with it. You can also use three AAA batteries to power it. The size of the product is compact but also large enough to give you ample space for most laptops. The product comes with a year of warranty in which any item of this device will be repaired or replaced so that you are given assurance from the manufacturers themselves about the quality of this product.


At just around thirty dollars, this product is a must-have. It is rare to find a product with so many benefits and purposes at such an affordable price. It is inexpensive which means that with just a small investment you will be keeping your laptop safe and will not have to deal with any expensive repairs.


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