INSTEN 3-Fans USB Laptop Cooling Pad Review

This is one of the cheapest and simplest cooling pads available. It is best for PCs and notebooks and is not recommended for heavy devices such as those for gaming purposes.

It has a slim design and comes with three quiet fans that make it suitable for travelling purposes. It comes with four rubber grips that prevent the device you are using from skidding away. The cooling pad serves it function as it lowers the temperature of your device at a low price.

The board is slim and is supported by four legs. It also comes with blue LED lights that make the cooling pad look appealing. The cooling pad is able to support various sized laptops up to 17 inches in size. It elevates your laptop and makes it easier to use.

The fans are around two and a half inches in size and circulate air efficiently so that the laptop is not at the risk of overheating. Even after using your laptop for long periods of time, the laptop will stay cool and not shut down or have any issues in it. The fans produce almost no sound and do their job quietly while conducting efficient air flow and keeping the heat away from your laptop. When using this cooling pad, your laptop does not slide around and stays put.

Overall this is an excellent product that does its job at a reasonable price. It has an attractive look and a slim and portable design while protecting your laptop from heat-induced damage.


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