Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Laptop Cooling Mat (AWE80US) Review

This product comes with brilliant functionality and a sleek design. It is great for usage at your home or where a suitable surface to place your laptop is not available. It can be placed on your lap easily or on a desk.

The Targus Chill Mat comes with dual fans that work to lower the temperature of your laptop and keep it cool. It comes with open edges that provide maximum circulation of air which helps to evenly distribute the hot air generated by the laptop. The fans are powered by USB connections and all you will need to connect that is a mini-USB cable. Even without plugging in the USB the temperature will be lower. The fans work efficiently and produce very little sound. It is in compliance with RoHS.

Cooling Pad Specifications Overview:

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Max Fan Speed:
Not Available
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Fan Noise Level :
Not Available
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Fan Airflow:
Not Available
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Fit for:
Upto 17 inches laptops

The Chill Mat comes with a rim at the bottom that prevents the laptop from skidding around and helps to keep it in place. It is also easy to clean with a can of compressed air and a screwdriver. It can be reassembled without any issues. Its height can also be adjusted. The underside of the cooling pad is cushioned with a sturdy fabric that makes it comfortable to use. It has a compact design that increases its portability and can be placed in a suitcase while traveling. It supports larger laptops that are up to 17 inches in size.

This cooling pad comes at a decent price. It is reliable and functions appropriately. This is a great product that keeps your laptop cool along with providing you with convenient features that maximize the experience and make it easier for you to carry around. It is worth purchasing and will protect your laptop from being damaged by heat while also allowing you to use it in places where there may not be a suitable workspace.

Targus Space Saving Chill Mat Price

Targus has multiple versions of Chill Mat so make sure you are buying the right one. The retail price of Space Saving Chill Mat is around $45, however due to increased demand and limited sites where you can buy it, the price at online stores is around $90. Also the prices vary on monthly basis, so if you are lucky you might a find a better deal. Although the price is high , however its one of the best and most durable cooling pad out there.

Targus Space Saving Notebook Cooler FAQS:

How Does it Works?
Targus space saving chill mat works by blowing cold air on to the bottom of the laptop. There are some cooling pads that do the opposite i.e. sucks hot air from the bottom however the preferred way is to blow the cold air on the laptop bottom which disperse the hot air.

Can you use it on lap comfortably?
The chill mat underside is cushioned & fabric covered make it extremely comfortable while using on lap. Also the rubber stops and a bottom ledge keep your laptop from sliding when use with the height adjustment.


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