Thermaltake Massive 14 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

People who own laptops will know how difficult it is to prevent your laptop from overheating. It may happen that the need arises for you to work on your laptop for an extended period of time, but doing so could be dangerous for your laptop if you do not have an efficient cooling system for it. This is why users are advised to invest in a simple cooling pad that will solve every overheating issue that you may be dealing with. This way you can pay a small amount for a cooling pad instead of a large sum for getting it repaired, since heat is known to be the worst enemy of any electronic gadget, especially laptops. This Thermaltake laptop cooling pad is your cheapest and most reliable way of keeping your laptop cool for hours on end. It does so in the most convenient way possible.

Cooling Pad Specifications Overview:

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Max Fan Speed:
12000 RPM
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Fan Speed Adjustable:
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Adjustable Height:
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It is important for you to make sure that your cooling pad fits your laptop, otherwise there is a risk of the laptop slipping off or you may find it difficult to use your laptop. This cooling pad is best for laptops that are a minimum of ten inches and have a maximum size of seventeen inches.

This laptop cooling pad has been designed in an ergonomic but stylish way. It has a simple black color which gives it a modern look and there are no distracting obstructions on it either. The LED lights give it a cool look and the blue color is visually appealing. The mesh has a big hexagonal shape which lessens the resistance to wind as well as the noise when the airflow increases. The pad also comes with dual USB ports so that you can increase your connectivity and plug in multiple peripherals. There are two levers of the laptop that prevent the laptop from sliding when it is being used as a docking station. The height of your laptop can also be adjusted to what is most suitable for you and hand positioning as well so that you will be able to enjoy maximum comfort. You also have the option of turning off the LEDs if they are distracting or if you dislike the way they look.

It is necessary for your cooling pad to be made from the finest quality of materials possible. This cooling pad is a reliable product as it has been made from the sturdiest and most durable materials possible. There is no need for you to be concerned about any potential damage and you do not need to be extremely careful when you are using the cooling pad. The material is also smooth to the touch and does not cause any irritation.

Fan Speed
You will have the luxury of dual cooling with this laptop pad. It has a pair of 140mm blue LED fans that can speed up as much as 1200 RPM which means that they are able to tackle overheating no matter how serious it gets. It will overcome any temperature, no matter how high it is. However, you also have the option of adjusting the speed of the fans depending on your need.

This cooling pad by Thermaltake costs just around thirty dollars. This means that you will be having a high-quality cooling pad at an incredibly reasonable price. You will spend this small cost instead of giving over a huge sum if your laptop gets damaged from overheating.


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