Welcome to Laptop Cooling Pads: Guide for Best Laptop Coolers

A laptop cooling pad is an accessory used to lower the temperature of your laptop when it heats up due to excessive operation. They prevent the laptop from damage by overheating while also making laptop usage more comfortable as overheating laptops can cause discomfort or even burns. While many people are dubious of this products capability, it has proven to be able to lower a laptop’s temperature by at least 20 degrees.

What is the purpose of a cooling pad?

A cooling pad is a useful accessory that benefits your laptop in many ways. They enhance the performance of your laptops CPU and GPU which generate the most heat and are vital to optimum laptop performance.

Usually the internal laptop cooling fan or cooling system is sufficient to keep your laptop or notebook temperature under control however during heavy usage, your laptop requires more than that to cool it down. Similarly gaming notebooks tends to overheat quickly and without cooling pads, they start to show performance issues like lagging or system hanging.

Cooling pads keep your laptop at an ideal temperature regardless of the temperature in the environment it has been placed in. If your surrounding temperature is high, it will cause your laptop to heat up faster.

Cooling pads also help in countering the issue of discomfort of the user. An overheated laptop can cause the user to experience soreness in their limbs because the lap is not an ideal place to position your laptop. Your lap may also block the air vents of the laptop, which will prevent airflow and cause rapid overheating.

How many types of cooling pads are there?

There are two types of laptop cooling pads, active coolers and passive coolers. Active coolers work with the help of rotary fans that work by circulating the heat generated by the laptop. There may be a maximum of six fans in a laptop cooling pad. Active coolers are powered either by a USB port in the laptop or a power adapter. Some cooling pads also come with their own built-in USB port. Active coolers either draw heat away from the laptop or blow air onto the heated surface. Cooling fan speed can be adjusted or it may come with a fixed speed.

Passive cooling pads work by being made of a thermally conductive material that doesn’t require power. The thermally conductive material is generally an organic salt that possesses the ability to absorb the heat generated by the laptop. These pads can run for around six to eight hours. Other passive fans simply lift the laptop so the built-in laptop fans can work with greater efficiency.

Passive cooling mats with conductive material are however not recommended for laptops with vents at the bottom as they may block the airflow in the vents causing the laptop to heat up. If your laptop’s air vents are on the side, then a conductive cooling pad is safe to use.

Multipurpose coolers are the latest advancement as they give the user many convenient features alongside temperature control. They come with card readers, serve as a desk and even come with space on which the user can write or place additional materials. Similarly there are specialized gaming laptop coolers which are built for maximum cooling as gaming laptops are tend to overheat quite often due to heavy usage & computing.

Best Cooling Pad Features

Laptop cooler pads comes with multiple variant features such as:

  • Multiple number of cooler fans depending on your laptop model
  • Fan speed controller to adjust the speed manually or automatically
  • The vents are made with a mesh design that helps in better airflow & ventilation
  • Ergonomic design with anti slip surface or rubber stops
  • The cooling pads are made of either plastic or metals that are sturdy
  • Several USB ports
  • Temperature sensors
  • LED lights on/off switch
  • Adjustable height in case of laptop cooling stand or docking station

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Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler 200 Logitech N315 Portable Lapdesk & Cooling Pad Cooler Master Storm SF-17 – Laptop Cooler Thermaltake A22 Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat
Brand Antec Logitech Cooler Master Thermaltake Targus
Our Ratings
# of Fans 1 Fanless Cooling 1 2 1
Fan Speed 2 Options Fanless Cooling Adjustable Adjustable 1 Option
Fans RPM 600 RPM max Fanless Cooling 1200 RPM max 1300 RPM max 2500 RPM max
Laptop Size up to 17″ up to 15.6″ up to 19″ up to 17 inches up to 17 inches
Adjustable Height No No Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 1 Year 3 Years 1 Year
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FAQ’s About Laptop Cooling Pads

How laptop builtin cooling system works?

Every laptop has several parts which function together to keep it cool when it’s running. These include but are not limited to: heat sinks, air vents, and fans. Even the design of laptop plays an important role in maintaining temperature. The laptop builtin cooling system basically works by airflow management. It cools itself by air intake and exhaust by using air vents. In some laptops, vents are placed at sides whereas in others they are placed at back or even at the bottom of the laptop.

The fans in laptops suck cool air from outside using air intake vents and then pass that cool air over components using heat sinks while simultaneously expelling the hot air out using exhaust vents.

How heat sinks works?

Heat sinks basically use convection thermodynamic principle. Heat sinks are built with material that conducts heat. They are designed like a block with flat side covering components like CPU whereas the other sides have narrow fins with air channels between them. This enables them to suck heat which later is dissipated by cool air blowing in through the fans.

How laptop fans works?

Usually all laptops are now equipped with sensors in motherboard that monitors the temperature while the laptop is in use. These sensors set the fans speed according to temperature. If the temperature is high, the fans will run at high speed and when the temperature is low, like in idle condition, they might even stop.

The latest laptops like Asus ROG GX700 are now using liquid-cooling system. Liquid cooling system has become a standard in gaming PC’s but this is the first time, this system is used in laptops.

Is cooling mat good for your laptop?

The answer is yes. For starters, most laptops have 1 fan. Adding a laptop cooling mat means additional fan for convection thus better heat dissipation. Moreover, a laptop’s air flow system works best when using on a flat surface. This is to ensure there is some gap between laptop’s bottom and the surface for air inflow. This is why you will find small supporters at the bottom of the laptop. A laptop cooling mat ensures a significant gap between laptop bottom and surface for better air intake as well as its fans keeps blowing cold air on it to increase the cold air intake.

Do more fans in cooling mat means more cooler laptop?

The answer will be yes and no. Yes because logically, if x amount of work done by 1 element, then 2 elements will be doing 2x amount of work. Also more fans mean they can push more air. Now the issue is, you can add all fans you want but if they are not placed well, they wont perform well.

So when buying a laptop pad, you need to ensure that the fans are placed in such a way that compliment your laptop air vents. If a fan is placed perfectly according to your laptop air vents, then even a single fan is sufficient for cooling.